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Why Vimove?

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Creators give to their communities the possibility to buy an amount royalties of their projects. when supporters believe in the idea, they can buy a “slice” of the video supporting the author.

Vimove takes a 5% Fee plus transactions costs.

A video platform tailor-made for Content Creators and their exclusive Videos

Let’s build Vimove together, we will shape it around your needs. Be one of the 50 selected Video Creators, filmmakers and directors to start Vimove.

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This is only the beginning

March 2019


Ready to go live? Vimove beta is available for a limited amount of selected content creators and unlimited co-producers. We will shape Vimove based on your needs, give us the chance to improve for you!
September 2019


What you asked for during Beta testing is what you get with Vimove 1.0. We will add features based on every feedback collected during Beta. Don’t forget to tell us which creators you would like to see on Vimove.
December 2019


Decentralization is our goal. By storing contents on a decentralized database we can make them unstoppable. Vimove will guarantee intellectual property protection, freedom of speech and creation. Plus crypto to support meaningful projects located in partially free or not free Countries.