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Vimove is a Royalty Crowdfunding platform for producing your best video projects. Create, watch and share exclusive videos. Distribute your final video on Vimove and when the video monetizes fans and creators earn together

About Vimove

Vimove’s idea was born, in the summer of 2018, as a research and development project within the Visualazer studio and from the experience of its Founders in the field of video production and content generation for the web. Thanks to our work we realized how easy it was for very low-level videos to generate millions of euros on the web and, vice versa, how hard it is for high-quality contents to monetize on the internet as much as the first ones.
To date, advertising is king for any entertainment related business and advertising-centric business models do not reward contents deemed controversial and risky for an advertiser by the algorithms. Just think of news, political contents, and scientific ones. The result is a straight demonetization and these contents will slowly die.
Creators, who have made the web their own distribution and revenue stream, are no longer able to support their businesses. And this is why we decide to create Vimove

Vimove is a product that radically transforms the way of producing video contents. We created a system able to finance valuable projects from day zero thanks to Royalty Crowdfunding, a branch of crowdfunding with great potential.
This system allows those who decide to support a project to become co-producers and, therefore, to “buy” a percentage of the video unlocking the opportunity to participate in the profits generated by the same.
Vimove guarantees to Creators, Youtubers, Filmmakers and Directors the possibility to produce their works for free, emphasizing the strong bond between artist and fanbase.
We want to pursue the idea of freedom for creation and distribution. To date, 64% of countries globally are controlled and/or partially controlled when it comes to freedom of press. Vimove creates a direct relationship between video contents and audience.
To strengthen this concept we have found in DLT and blockchain the best technological partners in order to guarantee: freedom of information, speech and creation thanks to distributed databases and a peer to peer storage.

How it works

Vimove aggregates quality video projects and helps them to find economic support within Creators’ fanbase and giving value back to the communities that daily follow their favourite Youtubers and Filmmakers.
We consider video quality and powerfull storytelling the real economic engine for Vimove. Our solution is a Royalty Crowdfunding platform integrated with a VOD ( video on demand system), where anyone can become a Film or video producer by purchasing his “participation” on the project they find the most valuable.
A Win-win system capable of exceeding the concept of donation, which has grown exponentially in recent years.
With Vimove, anyone who wants to create their own quality video project can monetize from zero day sharing a percentage of royalties with his/her supporters. In this way, anyone who decides to support a video will not only have the right to have access to the content but when his co-produced video generates a profit, they will receive part of the revenues.

Founders: Jacopo Genuardi, Simone La Rosa, Rightway S.r.l