The largest shared documentary
to tell about the Coronavirus emergency in the world

A social experiment, a collective project

Vimove, in collaboration with all the filmmakers who will want to be active part on the project, wants to create a huge and shared documentary to tell the Coronavirus emergency. how it is affecting lives in their own countries and from their own personal point of view.

There are stories that are worth remembering and we are experiencing one.
Our duty as Storytellers is to tell it together.

We are looking for Filmmakers around the world who can create and/or collect witnesses of what is happening in the world through their own personal style. Storytelling is the key to tell this story and we want to see yours.

We do not limit creativity, truth and freedom of expression. Anyone can participate in the creation of this project overcoming through storytelling and visual contribution the cultural, language and style barriers.

We are looking for filmmakers, storytellers, journalists, testimonials, doctors, nurses and all those who have something to tell...

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After declaring Covid-19 a global pandemic, each Nation
finds itself facing an invisible enemy.

We want to tell everything that’s going on worldwide through a docu-film that involves people and professional filmmakers around the globe who, just like us, live this problem first-hand daily.

In the film we want to tell what’s going on in the world by collecting the testimonies of filmmakers, infected patients, recovered patients, health workers, politicians, economists and anyone who has done something proactive to fight this crisis by telling us, more closely, how in the modern age every single Nation and all citizens have reacted, prepared and faced this invisible enemy together.

We will show how life as we are used to live it everyday, completely transforming into an apocalyptic scenario that we have only witnessed in movies, telling, each one with his own reading key, a phenomenon that has involved everyone on a global scale.

We want to tell as many places and stories as possible, starting from China: the place where everything started showing the stories of those who experienced the first moments of panic and quarantine in the chinese republic, to get to Europe in general, where the expansion of the pandemic, forced countries like Italy and others to witness drastic measures to safeguard the health of citizens.

We will therefore tell how the various nations of the world have helped each other, despite political differences that afflict some of them, for a greater good. People’s health. We will tell how the whole world, for the first time, has joined forces to fight something bigger, which goes beyond individual interests.

Involving those who have experienced this crisis already and who will face the consequences soon, is our aim and by doing do, everyone who will participate on the project become part of it.
Everyone involved will receive part of the royalties on the project itself and the earnings from a possible sale and/or distribution of the documentary.

How It Will Be Structured

The executive production of the entire project is entrusted to Vimove. We will coordinate the entire operation and complete the film taking care of post-production and distribution. Vimove will edit at its sole discretion the entire material received in a single full length documentary. Keeping in mind that everything will be done according to a common will to realize a wide-ranging artistic project.

The Documentary, at present, will be entirely self-produced with the artistic contribution of all Filmmakers who decide to participate and whose work will be included within the documentary. The actual situation does not prevent Vimove from the possibility to raise funds based on the interest found once the call will be opened to the public.

Not only the footage will be collected in a shared way, but in the same way everyone participating on the project will be credited as Producer, getting access to a share of rights on the project. This means that all the directors who take active part on the documentary will own 50% of the rights to the film, each one in equal and proportional percentage. Vimove will hold the remaining rights and, in case of distribution, we donate 30% of earnings to research and healthcare institutes.

Vimove will manage the distribution phase within the festival, theatrical and streaming circuit. Each member of the production team will be free to promote the project as they see fit in order to find a distribution parallel to the work done by Vimove’s team.


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