The largest shared documentary
to tell how the Coronavirus emergency will change the world

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The Project

#Restart is the first global social experiment to create a documentary film, made by a network of young filmmakers from all over the world and the support of people and citizens like you.

Vimove, will make the largest shared documentary to tell how the covid-19 pandemic will change the life of all of us.

The video-stories from all over the world will follow a narrative path (a story) expertly written by professional screenwriters and will compose a documentary film of great visual and emotional impact.

The heart of the story will start from the zero day chronicle, the day when the world population will return to life and a new era begins.

There are events that change the history of humanity,
telling them is a privilege, telling them is our duty...

Let's write a history page that will remain in the future memory!

Who do we turn to?

We are looking for Filmmakers, visual artists, screenwriters, 3D animators, composer photographers, artists and operators in this field scattered around the world, or simple citizens who, with their videos, their photographs, their thoughts and their creations, professional or “do it yourself”, they can tell us about the life of humanity and their own starting from day 0, the day when everything will start again.

Storytelling is the key to narrating changes through people’s feelings, reflections, fears and hopes scattered all over the planet.

We are looking for: filmmakers, visual artists, screenwriters, photographers, composers, artists, 3D animators and operators in this field around the world

but also those who simply want to tell and tell themselves without being a professional.

Find out how to participate in the project, Scroll down!

How can you help us?

By joining this trans-national global creative team through the powerful network that Vimove is creating and sending your creative and artistic contribution in form of videos, texts, music or other materials.


Join our team by signing up in the form below.

Acquire the guidelines to make your video by getting in touch with our art-directors. Start shooting, tell your story and send us you video.


  • A small montage of your day in quarantine.
  • A video in which you answer “How will you start when all this is over?”
  • A story you want to tell, a message you want to send.

Non professionisti

Record small videos (mainly horizontally). It doesn’t matter if you are alone, at home, with your family. Tell us about yourself and what you do, what are your thoughts and reflections.


  • Quarantine video stories
  • Video testimonials of what you see

Some question to answer:

  • How are you experiencing this moment?
  • How does life change?
  • What lesson did you learn?
  • What will you do when it is all over?
  • You are a doctor? tell us what happens in the hospitals

Become the protagonist and join the crew

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Use the service www.wetransfer.com and send everything to the email info@vimove.io


tag @vimove_platform and use the #documove hashtag

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Treatment Doc.

After declaring Covid-19 a global pandemic,
each Nation finds itself facing an invisible enemy.

<< Stop, listen to me, listen to yourself. And so, you slowed down, you stopped, what do you feel? Look around. There is nobody. The race you are running is only with yourself. The time you’ve always been chasing has stopped before you … turn around, it’s second. Stop for a second. What day is today? He stopped with you too. I ask you again, now (that everything has stopped), what are you feeling. Listen to you. I no longer hear your footsteps, I no longer hear your voice. We were one and you forgot it. Millennia of history, evolution and the clock of our lives suddenly broke down with the coming of a new year full of hopes, dreams, fears. Yours. I heard you know? Tell me, are you ready to listen? >> 

The earth speaks to us in a visual story where Man and Nature meet to return reflecting on what we really are, not divine sculptors, but men, clumsily fallen from the Olympus that we created. Reflect, feel, listen, what is really important? In a moment, we, the dominant species, have been locked up in our cages and from one day to the next, in the world, it’s like we’ve never been there.
Spring blooms, the earth trembles, nature returns to live spaces and places long since abandoned. In this tragedy who are the losers? Have we been wrong?
A document that wants to be a warning and a reflection for us and for future generations on the importance of telling and remembering a global historical event, but which must make us think holistically on multiple themes and how the sun always arrives after the storm. A message of growth and hope on day 0, when all this will be over and we will return to live.

Restart is a visual journey between places and people, stories and emotions scattered around the world and documents an important page of our history under a single narrative thread. The story emphasizes not only the tragedy of contagion, but the tragedy becomes the excuse for us to tell the delicate combination of man and nature and, above all, between man and inner self.

A reflection to understand where we are going and a lesson to learn what we have been doing wrong.


The macro theme is change, the way we will all get out of it and the lessons we will have learned from this story, such as the world, nature, the planet will benefit from it through the telling of stories of men from the world.

It is said that in times of crisis man has always given his best by coming out “reborn”. We are experiencing values ​​such as sharing, kindness, love, helping each other, we are close in the distance and we are experiencing all of this, perhaps, for the first time. Here we want to tell about the rebirth from day 0.


The documentary develops in two narrative and productive phases.

The extemporaneous drama, that is, all that we are experiencing today in every corner of the earth: the freedoms violated, the pains and fears linked to a sudden change in lifestyles. And the rebirth: the return to freedom, new awareness and change, we hope, positively.

We will show the life we ​​are used to live every day, completely transforming into an apocalyptic scenario that we have only witnessed in films, telling, each with its own key, a phenomenon that has involved everyone on a global scale. How the whole world, for the first time, has joined forces to fight something bigger, which goes beyond individual interests.
And we will tell how everything will be changed once we return to normality. Life teachings, the hopes, the transformation.
Involving those who have experienced it will make everyone participate in a single large project.

How It Will Be Structured

The Documentary was conceived and it’s produced by Vimove, a royalty crowdfunding platform for film projects in collaboration with all supporters. The executive production of the entire project is entrusted to the company itself in the people of Jacopo Genuardi, Alessio Balsamo, Simone la Rosa and Gabriele Pignotta.

The team will coordinate the entire operation and complete the project with the post-production of the feature film, editing, at its sole discretion, the entire material received in a single documentary or multiple films. Except as otherwise, that common will, will be the realization of a wide-ranging artistic project.

The Documentary, at present, will be entirely self-produced with the artistic contribution of all the Filmmakers and supporters who will participate and whose work will be selected and inserted within the documentary. The bootstrap phase does not, in any way, preclude the possibility of raising funds based on the interest found.
The film will not only be made in a shared way, but all the collections that the work will make will be divided in the same way. This means that all the professionals who take part in it will own a part of the rights on the film equal and proportional to the contribution offered. Vimove will hold the remaining rights and donate part of the proceeds to the research.

Vimove will manage the distribution phase within the festival, theatrical and streaming circuit. Each member of the production team will be free to promote the project as they see fit in order to find a distribution parallel to the work done by the Vimove team.

Thank you