About us

Finally, video creators and their fanbase earn together

Vimove’s idea was born, in the summer of 2018, as a research and development project within the Visualazer studio and from the experience of its Founders in the field of video production and content generation for the web. Thanks to our work we realized how easy it was for very low-level videos to generate millions of euros on the web and, vice versa, how hard it is for high-quality contents to monetize on the internet as much as the first ones. To date, advertising is king for any entertainment related business and advertising-centric business models do not reward contents deemed controversial and risky for an advertiser by the algorithms. Just think of news, political contents, and scientific ones. The result is a straight demonetization and these contents will slowly die. Creators, who have made the web their own distribution and revenue stream, are no longer able to support their businesses. And this is why we decide to create Vimove

Our Values

Freedom, Quality and Community are the values that characterize Vimove. Our mission is to create a movement that supports creativity, YouTubers, Filmmakers and Directors bonding together with their communities to produce exclusive and high-quality videos. Vimove wants to help content creators and their fans to find a new way to sustain creators’ projects and their communities to be able to access high-value contents such as Movies, News, Cultural projects in a new and tailor-made way.

The Team

“A great project, needs a great Team!”